Mississippi Bird Atlas Project

Between 1997 and 2004, Mississipi birders sought to census the breeding birds of Mississippi following the protocols laid out for an atlas project. These are the results.

As coordinator of the project since 2001, I have decided to make the breeding maps available on line.

I would like to have Mississippi photos of all of the birds linked below. If you have photos you would like to donate, please email me.

All priority blocks were completed as well as many medium and low priority blocks. Still, gaps exist in the data.

If you have questions or find errors, please email me.

A link to a map for all species is below.

Mark Goodman
Mississippi breeding bird coordinator


Protocols used and volunteers

Data (excel files)

data base by species

data base by geological region

data base by block name

data base by priority level

data base by confirmation level

data base block total species
This data base has not been updated and so is inconsistent with the 4 data bases above.

General maps

Finished blocks by priority level
(smaller map)

Finished blocks by geographical region
(smaller map)

These maps do not reflect the final data base.

Maps by species

Species in red are summer records of species probably not breeding in Mississippi. Species in green are confirmed breeding species in Mississippi, but no records were found on the atlas project. Species in purple are introduced species, not recognized on the official state bird list. Pink is a listing that occurred after the completion of the project.

Acadian flycatcher

American coot

American crow

American goldfinch

American kestrel

American oystercatcher

American redstart

American robin

American white pelican

American wigeon

American woodcock


Bachman's sparrow

Bald eagle

Baltimore oriole

Barn swallow

Barred owl

Belted kingfisher

Black and white warbler

Black-bellied plover

Black-bellied whistling duck

Black-crowned night heron

Black-necked stilt

Black skimmer

Black tern

Black vulture

Blue-gray gnatcatcher

Blue grosbeak


Blue-winged teal

Blue-winged warbler

Boat-tailed grackle

Broad-winged hawk

Brown-headed cowbird

Brown-headed nuthatch

Bronzed cowbird

Brown pelican

Brown thrasher

Canada goose

Carolina chickadee

Carolina wren

Cattle egret

Caspian tern

Cave swallow

Cedar waxwing

Cerulean warbler

Chimney Swift

Chipping sparrow


Clapper rail

Cliff swallow

Common barn owl

Common grackle

Common ground dove

Cooper's hawk

Common loon

Common moorhen

Common nighthawk

Common tern

Common yellowthroat


Double-crested cormorant

Downy woodpecker

Eastern bluebird

Eastern meadowlark

Eastern kingbird

Eastern phoebe

Eastern screech owl

Eastern towhee

Eastern tufted titmouse

Eastern wood pewee

Eurasian collared dove

European starling

Field sparrow

Fish crow

Forester's tern


Grasshopper sparrow

Gray catbird

Great blue heron

Great-crested flycatcher

Great egret

Great horned owl

Green heron

Gull-billed tern

Hairy woodpecker

Hooded merganser

Hooded warbler

Horned lark

House finch

House sparrow

Inca dove

Indigo bunting

Kentucky warbler


King Rail

Lark sparrow

Laughing gull

Least bittern

Least sandpiper

Least tern

Lesser snow goose

Lesser yellowlegs

Little blue heron

Loggerhead shrike

Louisiana waterthrush

Magnificient frigatebird

Mallard duck

Marsh wren

Mississippi kite

Mottled duck

Mourning dove

Mourning warbler

Neotropical cormorant

Northern bobwhite

Northern cardinal

Northern gannet

Northern harrier

Northern mockingbird

Northern parula

Northern rough-winged swallow

Olive-sided flycatcher

Orchard oriole



Painted bunting

Pied-bill grebe

Pileated woodpecker

Pine warbler

Prairie warbler

Prothonotary warbler

Purple Gallinule

Purple martins

Red-bellied woodpecker

Red-cockaded woodpecker

Red-eyed vireo

Red-headed woodpecker

Red-shouldered hawk

Red-tailed hawk

Reddish egret

Ring-billed gull

Rock dove

Roseate spoonbill

Rose-breasted grosbeak

Royal tern

Ruby-throated hummingbird

Ruddy turnstone


Sandwich tern

Savannah sparrow

Scarlet tanager

Seaside sparrow

Sharp-shinned hawk

Snowy egret

Snowy plover

Solitary sandpiper

Song sparrow

Sooty tern

Spotted sandpiper

Summer tanager

Swallow-tailed kite

Swainson's warbler

Tree swallow

Tri-colored heron

Vesper sparrow

Warbling vireo

Western Kingbird


White-breasted nuthatch

White-eyed vireo

White-rumped sandpiper

White ibis

White-tailed kite

White-throated sparrow

White-winged dove

Wild turkey


Willow flycatcher

Wilson's plover

Wood duck

Wood stork

Wood thrush

Worm-eating warbler

Yellow-bellied sapsucker

Yellow-billed cuckoo

Yellow-breasted chat

Yellow-crowned nightheron

Yellow-throated warbler

Yellow-shafted flicker

Yellow-throated vireo

Yellow warbler