Neotropic Cormorants
photos 2008

In the afternoon of 7 May 2008, an adult Neotropic Cormorant was sighted in Stuart Ridge Brake perched in a Water Tupelo tree next to a nest. Shortly thereafter, the same bird was observed and photographed climbing into the nest and remained there until dark. Twenty-seven days later, on 3 June 2008, an adult Neotropic Cormorant was sighted in the afternoon, at the same tree and nest. The bird remained on the nest until dark. The presence of eggs or chicks in the nest was undetermined.

Stuart Ridge Brake is located at the NE edge of Panther Swamp, bordering private land in Yazoo Co. Other nesting bird species located at this rookery included Double-crested Cormorants, Anhingas, Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Black-crowned Night Herons, and White Ibis. The rookery consists of water tupelo, bald cypress, and button bush in standing water.

The photos taken at the first sighting on 3 May 2008 are not as clear as the ones taken on 7 June 2008, mostly due to lighting. This bird was very high up in a water tupelo and unfortunately using a spotting scope was impractical from a boat. Zooming in on the photo from May will allow you to make out the white line around the gular pouch. The white line can be clearly seen in the photos taken on 7 June.

Katie C. Hanson